Passionate, tireless advocates for justice for our clients

Passionate, tireless advocates for justice for our clients

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SGSL Attorneys has dedicated its practice to protecting the rights of individuals charged with crimes, or who have had their rights or interests violated by the government, business entities or other individuals.

They represent clients in federal, state and municipal courts in the following areas:

Criminal Defense

All felonies, including homicide, sexual assault, complex fraud crimes, crimes of violence, child abuse, drug offenses, bank robbery, burglary, domestic violence, internet crimes, weapons offenses and serious traffic offenses.

All probation, parole or supervised release violations, pre-indictment investigations, targets of grand jury investigations and witnesses.

Civil Rights

Claims arising out of constitutional violations by the government, such as malicious prosecution, unlawful search, false arrest, excessive force and unlawful inmate treatment and conditions.


SGSL Attorneys consists of highly skilled, experienced trial lawyers who are passionate, tireless advocates for justice. We have strong backgrounds in criminal defense and trial advocacy where we have achieved favorable outcomes for many clients, including the largest civil rights jury verdict against the Denver police in Colorado history.

We believe strongly in a client-centered approach, which allows us to personally work every case that comes through our doors and provide a thoughtful, creative and specialized approach to fighting for your rights and interests.

Citizens of this nation, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, economic standing, sexual orientation, or any other broad classification, are born with certain, guaranteed, inalienable rights. Unfortunately, these rights can be unlawfully violated – sometimes even by those expected to uphold them. We have dedicated our work to protecting those whose rights and interests have been threatened, while seeking justice against those who would threaten them.


In 2006, I was charged with a crime that carried a life sentence. Kate was my public defender and she worked the case non-stop, around the clock. She was professional and focused on what mattered the most.

Some people find their calling in life and that is the case with Kate. I will forever be grateful for her hard work that showed the truth to the jury and set me free. She is a great person and an excellent lawyer. My freedom mattered to her the same way it mattered to me.