Former Professional Fighter Wins Young Lawyer of the Year Award

sam-cary-pic1-300x234On October 17, 2015, the Sam Cary Bar Association will honor attorney Mr. A. Tyrone Glover Jr. with its prestigious Young Lawyer of the Year Award.  Many of Mr. Glover’s strengths as an attorney – tenacity, hard work and calm under pressure – are traits that have long been  a part of his character and helped him become a world-renowned professional fighter before he entered the legal profession.

In 2009, Mr. Glover graduated from the University of Colorado Law School and began work in corporate law.  Soon after, he became a public defender.  The son of parents and grandparents who fought hard for equality and justice long before these principles were universally guaranteed, Mr. Glover continued the family tradition by serving Denver’s underprivileged population.  In 2012 he was named the Bootcamper of the Year by the Colorado State Public Defender for his excellence in trial advocacy as a new public defender.

Mr. Glover left the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office after four years of defending people accused with crimes ranging from theft to homicide and started his own practice, Stimson Glover, focusing on criminal defense, civil litigation and civil rights.

He is also currently a leader in the Colorado Bar Association and Sam Cary Bar Association, having graduated from the CBA’s leadership training program and co-founding Sam Cary’s Young Lawyer Division.

As an ex-professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter and one of the top-ranked black belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the country, becoming a trial lawyer was a natural fit. Mr. Glover rose to the top ranks as a fighter because of his ability to respond quickly under pressure, to work hard and master a difficult skill, to maneuver difficult situations and to always maintain his composure.  It was with that resilience that he retired as a professional fighter with a 7-0 record.

Mr. Glover has now taken the fight out of the ring and into the courtroom where he is a strong advocate for those in need of someone to defend and protect their rights and interests.  In the spirit of the Sam Cary Young Lawyer of the Year Award, Mr.Glover is already proving he will rise to the top just like he did in his prior career.

By Lee Zarzecki