I was charged with unlawful sexual contact and harassment by a woman I do not know. Because of the charges, I lost my job, which I had worked my whole life to get and also was the base of my immigration visa, which means I faced deportation. I never in my life thought I would be in this critical and horrible situation. I contacted many lawyers and, for godsake, I found Kathryn. She was very understanding and quickly grasped my situation.

From our first meeting, I knew I made the right decision. She fought my case and did a wonderful job to bring the truth to the jury. She meticulously remembered every fact of every conversation. She was magnificent in the courtroom and I was acquitted.

She answered back my every call, at every step, and kept me well-informed of every action and outcome. Kathryn is the kind of attorney who sincerely cares for her clients while strongly getting the best possible outcome. I thank her and appreciate her availability, aggressiveness, kindness and honesty with which she handled my case.

She is a god-gifted lawyer to have on your side in such a difficult time. She gave me back my life. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Julia recently represented our son at trial. She did an excellent job and was able to easily refute anything thrown at her. She was much more than an attorney. You can tell it is not a job to her; it is her passion.

Kathryn Stimson is a true professional and a person of great integrity. She is sincere, competent and an excellent attorney. In my case, she went above and beyond for me, reviewing all parts of my case to make sure I was treated fairly. She got me released from jail right away and fought my charges until all the cases were finally dismissed.

Julia was hired to defend my son-in-law in a serious criminal trial. Because of her ability to communicate, knowing the law and how to articulate it in a court setting my son-in-law was found not guilty. I would definitely hire her again. Julia’s rates are also the best as far as I am concerned.

I was falsely accused of a crime that would have made me spend the rest of my life in prison. I was scared and I had no idea what I was going to do. Kate and her investigator made me feel like I was their only client. I could tell Kate was worried about me and kept in touch with me about every single detail, even meeting with me on the weekends sometimes. She worked in-depth on all angles of the case and then presented it to the prosecutor and got it dismissed.

As a Denver physician and psychiatrist, working with patients from the entire breadth of the socioeconomic spectrum, I have had many opportunities, over the years, to observe the stress experienced by those who have become entangled with a criminal justice system that frightens them, exceeds their understanding, and that sometimes emphasizes achievement of conviction over truth. Without expert, attentive attorney’s counsel, they are at risk for falling into a downward spiral of legal requirements that can adversely affect their lives for years to come.

A member of my family found themselves in such an entanglement, and my family and I experienced the incredible stress personally. Falsely and frivolously accused of a crime that had no basis in fact, caught in the cogs of a legal system wheel that ground towards conviction and incarceration, we felt confounded and terrified. The relief on finding Attorney Kate Stimson to help us was incredible and well-founded. She was attentive, compassionate and confident. Through investigation, experience, strategy and a deep knowledge of the law, she brought our case through the ordeal to an ending in case dismissal. She is held in our highest esteem. We remain deeply grateful.

I would highly recommend Kate Stimson to anyone needing a defense attorney. She is compassionate and caring, extremely thorough and organized, and a real fighter. Kate spent an incredible amount of time learning every detail of my case, and fought hard for me every step of the way. She responds quickly to phone calls, texts and emails (many times late at night), always had the time to answer any and all questions, and clearly explained the complexities of the law with all possible options and outcomes. Throughout every aspect of the case, she kept me informed of any and all changes, including getting my input before filing anything on my behalf. I will forever be grateful for her determination and persistence to get the best possible outcome for me and for her amazing emotional support through such a difficult experience.

Julia Stancil made sure that I was aware of every aspect of the case, both good and bad. Julia was very passionate about the case and it showed a lot during trial. During closing, she strategically pointed out all the reasonable doubts in a way that made the prosecution’s story sound flat out illogical. The verdict came back within 30 minutes of closings. Not guilty on all charges. She is an amazing attorney and I am truly grateful to her.

In 2006, I was charged with a crime that carried a life sentence. Kate was my public defender and she worked the case non-stop, around the clock. She was professional and focused on what mattered the most.

Some people find their calling in life and that is the case with Kate. I will forever be grateful for her hard work that showed the truth to the jury and set me free. She is a great person and an excellent lawyer. My freedom mattered to her the same way it mattered to me.

My case was related to a wildlife violation. Julia Stancil reviewed my case, discussed my options and gave me a reasonable estimate of my cost in time and money to get to a range of results. The advice and guidance were very accurately portrayed and through a great understanding of the law and procedures, Ms. Stancil achieved what I considered a very successful resolution to my case. I highly recommend Ms. Stancil!

There is no doubt Kathryn Stimson is the best at what she does. She made an impact in my life and I will always be grateful she defended me.

Several years ago, I was arrested on federal charges and found myself fighting for my freedom and my life because I was facing up to forty years behind bars. Kathryn Stimson represented me in my defense for my freedom and my life. From the very beginning, she explained to me how serious the charges were and the challenges that lay ahead. She never once sugar-coated things or gave me false hope. She quickly got to work and kept me well-informed. She impressed me right away and gave me hope because she truly gave her all in defending me.

The judge commended her and said that more lawyers should do the kind of work that Kathryn Stimson did in my case. I felt peace when the judge handed down my sentence, knowing Kathryn had truly put her all into defending me, and it showed when I was granted probation and a new lease on life.

Julia Stancil and Kate Stimson took over my case at a crucial and pivotal point. My attorney at the time had proven to be unreliable, and I contacted SGSL Attorneys in the hope that they would take my case, even though at a late juncture in the legal proceedings. Not only did Julia take my case, but she believed in me and my innocence fiercely!

Julia worked long hours, accommodated my family’s difficult schedules by working after hours, and provided us clear and calm guidance and confidence, which was sorely needed. With Kate at her side for the trial, Julia proceeded to orchestrate a defense to the false sexual assault allegation that was both clear and irrefutable to a jury that was expertly selected and managed. The two attorneys were a relentless and formidable team on my behalf, leaving no stone unturned despite a massive workload of evidence.

The jury not only took less than an hour to return a verdict of “not guilty”, but were clearly convinced of my innocence. Julia and Kate are passionate, skillful, and extremely intelligent advocates for the wrongly accused, and they quite literally saved me and my family from ruin under extremely difficult circumstances. I cannot praise and thank them enough!